Portfolio of Andibar

About me


My intensive study time helped me build an extensive skillset so that I can express my creativity in a variety of ways. Although I already know that I want to work in the UX/UI design field in the future, I live my creativity as much as I can during my studies to get to know as many impressions as possible. Away from design, I calm my mind with weight training, drawing sessions, and learning the Japanese language. はじめまして.

Interaction Design

Master of Arts | 2022 – Currently

The strengths I recognized in my bachelor’s program I am now consolidating in my master’s program for interaction design, also at the FH Joanneum. My interests are clearly in the area of digital product design, UX/UI design, creative coding and still game science.



Information Design

Bachelor of Arts | 2020 – 2022

In my bachelor studies at the FH Joanneum I intensified my already acquired know-how and expanded it in areas like screen design, animation, 3D, coding and project management. With a digital focus, the focus in this study was on working for large projects in a team. I majored in interaction design and game science. As a result, my skillset and portfolio expanded to also include digital work.

Graphic Design

Diploma | 2017 – 2020

I completed my training as a graphic designer in the three-year college of the HTL-Ortweinschule, which is known for intensive and practical work. During the training period, I learned how to work with industry-standard programs and how to use them specifically for print campaigns. The focus here was on creating an extensive portfolio with an emphasis on print.