Portfolio of Andibar


Artwork for my Bachelorthesis

SS|2022, my bachelor thesis in the field of game design

Tools: Adobe Photoshop

Interactive Poster

WS|2021, a university project

Tools: Adobe Photoshop

Livepainting – Trust the process.
A timelapse of when I make and overturn which decisions. How I question my abilities by erasing, deleting, replacing and inserting elements. I hate this stage because I question my abilities. With this project, I am facing the usual frustration and making a conscious decision to let others watch. During the initial stages of my creative process, some people might not like what I’m doing and might criticize it, because the work „doesn’t look good“ in first place. But I’ve learned to endure these moments because these early stages are a necessary part of creating something new.

If one scans this sketch below with the app „Artivive“ with a smartphone or tablet, a video appears, which is superimposed on this sketch. On the video you can see the artprocess of this piece produced by me within a time lapse. This starts with the process of a sketch, up to the finished rendered work.

Animated Illustration


Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Aftereffects

Frame to Frame animation

Illustrations for Varius

SS| 2020, a college project.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop

Character Illustration for Varius Game

Character Design process for Varius Gaming

Private Work


Tools: Adobe Photoshop

Character Design - Rhinocorn | Private Work