Portfolio of Andibar



Bird identifier App

University project


Tools: Adobe XD, Adobe After effects

With this app, birders can record bird songs and have associated birds determined by the database. In addition to filtering and location functions, sightings can be recorded and fed into the ornithologist database online, if desired. This helps ornithologists enormously to keep an eye on the population, especially since biodiversity is currently a more important topic than ever. This project combined research, conception, branding, wireframing, prototyping and presentation.

Wäschi Waschi – Remote Control

University project


TOOLS: Adobe XD, Adobe After effects

In this project, an app for doing laundry was developed. The focus here was on having as few screen designs as necessary, but at the same time presenting information in a well-dosed manner. In the course of the project, sketches were made, flowcharts and wireframes were created and after several correction loops, the prototype with a proper branding was built.

Mobile Game Design

University project


TOOLS: Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After effects

In this university project a game concept for a serious game on mobile device was developed in the group, which should bring one of the 17 Unesco Goals closer. The game raises awareness about the CO2 footprint within our consumer society and users can get a breakdown of their CO2 footprint based on their „everyday“ actions in real life. For good behavior, users receive so-called Eco Points, which they can use to buy fun skins for their game character and for bad behavior… well… users should always have an eye on that, because doomsday isn’t that far away.

Group: Franziska Fruhstofer (FF), Andrea Ortner (AO) Christina Seiringer (CS).

Conception: FF, AO, CS

Logo: FF

Environmental Design: CS, AO

Character Design: AO


Presentation&Video: AO

UX Research

University project


TOOLS: Miro, Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After effects

Research Methods: Brainstorming, Benchmarking, Surveys, Personas, Card Sorting

The use of online communication platforms is associated with many difficulties. Some platforms offer more or less poor usability and confusing user interface design. The main reason for this research was the situation with COVID19, where the communication platforms that emerged or were already known and revised were used too quickly for teaching purposes. Due to the global lockdown situation and the resulting home office and school operations, this testing phase was inadequately performed or omitted. In our research, the communication platforms MS Teams, Zoom, BigBlueButton and Skype were analyzed in detail. A questionnaire was created to reveal relevant data. From the analysis of the evaluated survey and card sorting, we were able to obtain clear correlations, matches and new terms. As a result, we present a prototype of a new synchronous online communication platform. It’s called Ezey because we want to make it as simple as possible for users.

Group: Katharina Hafner (KH), Andrea Ortner (AO) Christina Seiringer (CS).

Research: KH, AO, CS

Logo: AO

Character Design: AO


Animation&Video: AO